Mojo Coach Testimonials

"Mandy has the life experience and skill to spot the root of the problem but has the techniques to guide you to your own conclusions‚ empowering you to make sense of your work life balance."

Private Client - October, 2018

"I highly recommend Mandy as a life coach. She is very empathic and understanding and almost immediately I felt at ease talking to her. My sessions with her took me on a journey of self discovery - looking at the past to help me with future. We worked on specific goals to help me attain what was missing from my life and after only just a few sessions with Mandy I felt empowered to achieve them. I now feel that the balance has been restored both personally and professionally and would encourage anyone with life problems big or small to seek the expertise of a life coach like Mandy!"

Private Client - May, 2018

"To appreciate the implications for all stakeholders in any such partnership was initially very abstract and conceptual. Coaching facilitated by Amanda was the means to bringing the concepts into grasp enabling the descriptions and definitions of new skills and roles to be brought about to foster action plans for change and sustain reform. Discussions and workshops with Amanda helped to find ways to develop the analogies‚ vocabulary and comprehension to consider the benefits and positive impact of partnership working."

Associate Police Trainer - June, 2018

"Ms Dennison was an outstanding mentor during my training year and beyond. She was able to understand what kind of a teacher I wanted to be and then encourage and support my growth towards that goal. In coaching she was able to break down challenging targets into smaller achievable objectives and advise on how to reach them with clear steps. Through detailed observations she was able to assess my progress through agreed outcomes‚ giving immediate positive feedback and then working with me to identify additional targets. She was very supportive‚ being available to call upon at all times‚ showing a great deal of compassion and trust throughout the mentoring process."

ITT Trainee Teacher - August, 2018