Mojo parenting coaching - struggling to communicate


With over 20 years experience in education, training and coaching I have huge knowledge and expertise in dealing with young people.

I have worked with many young people;  differently abled youngsters;  a variety of ethnic backgrounds; English as an Additional Language; and those with special educational needs.

Life turning into a fog - Mojo coach parenting coaching Find your Worth - Mojo coach parenting coaching Many difficulties are a result of stress, anxiety or a concern over communication with our children, and they in turn respond to those emotions as well as trying to manage their own. There are often conflicting expectations and desires to add to the mix. I can offer coaching to the child, the parent and to the family unit in managing their varied needs and helping create a positive family dynamic that allows for every individual to shine.

Close to exam time, many youngsters need support from family in managing their and everyone else's expectations. Life can seem like a thick fog and you do not know which way to turn! I can offer external support in the form of coaching to help rationalise the anxiety, control emotion, improve all party communication and create a positive environment for progress.

Young people become stressed over expectations for university and employment interviews, as this is a new experience. Writing a CV or personal statement is a daunting task as it can be difficult to recognise your own successes. With my varied experience working with Universities and schools, I can coach you in preparation, presentation and communication skills and finding your true worth.