What is Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a form of learning which normally takes the form of a conversation, or a series of conversations. The coach intends to produce a conversation that will benefit the other person, the coachee.

What you can expect from your Coach.

Your coach will focus solely on YOUR situations with the kind of attention and commitment that you rarely experience anywhere else. Your coach will listen to you, with a genuine curiosity to understand who you are, what you think and generally how you experience the world. Your coach will reflect back to you, with the kind of objective assessment and challenge that creates clarity.

As the relationship is based on trust and openness, the contents of your discussions are strictly confidential*

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What your coach will expect from You.

You need to be committed to the coaching process. You need to take your own notes where appropriate and keep any agreements you make during the sessions.

In addition, you need to be open to the potential of coaching. That means contributing to the conversations honestly and openly. The strength and power of coaching relates directly to the level of openness and trust in this relationship.

Our sessions will take place in peaceful settings without distraction. They can also take place outside – anything is possible! 

Sessions will be 60-90 minutes when face to face, with payment either before or at the sessions, or 50 mins when online or by phone, with payment in advance. There is no minimum number of sessions. When applicable fees will be charged in full for cancellations within a week of the session, unless we can reschedule to our mutual agreement. Successful referrals will be kindly rewarded.

You can contact me between sessions by either phone or email.

* Confidentiality may not be maintained where discussion suggests illegal activity, imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others or pursuant to valid court order or subpoena. Where the coach reasonable believes that because one of the above circumstances is applicable, the coach may need to inform appropriate authorities.