Mojo Coach

We are all multi-facetted, so to let your light shine brightly they must all be in harmony!

Life for all of us gets very busy and by necessity routine – children, work, wider family, bills!!!

It goes through changes, the same as we do as part of our development, child, adolescent, adult. Changes are vital to reinvigorate, change the dynamic and balance of our relationships and restore our Mojo!

This is where coaching comes in ..

We can explore what is next for you; what makes you happy; where you want to go. You will create a deeper understanding of yourself, build resilience and move forwards to rediscovering yourself.

Who is behind Mojo ?

MandyMandy is the driving force behind Mojo and is passionate about people reaching their potential. She is a believer in life long learning and enjoys working with people at all levels and ages to increase their self-awareness and develop their potential to enable them to grow and realise their ambition. She is an incredibly positive person who brings an infectious excitement to her work and so motivates and inspires others to achieve.

She has been an educational professional for over twenty years and now spends her time working as a coach and mentor in various capacities. She is highly qualified and brings knowledge and understanding to her role.

Having worked with people her entire professional life Mandy brings a deep understanding of what it means to be human and has a positive regard for everyone with whom she works. She believes in working holistically with people, as we are made up of many facets, each of which needs to be healthy for us to achieve. She works in a bespoke manner, as we are all different, and brings challenge in a safe environment so clients can explore their own reality.


Mandy has worked in business and as a scientific researcher prior to moving into education. She has spent over twenty years in education as a teacher, middle and senior leader. She is OFSTED trained and has worked as a mentor for ITT's, NQT's and teachers looking to move onwards in their career. She has been a school lead on well-being, using various coaching models to support both staff and students. She has led CPD both within science and whole school in terms of learning, behaviour, and well being of staff and students. Currently she is working as a coach both for individual clients and for business.


Mandy works in a holisitic manner with her clients to help them achieve their own goals and aspirations. She enables clients to cope with change, both professionally and personally; to manage stress; to manage work life balance and manage career transitions. She is an advocate of life long learning and so attends CPD to improve her own knowledge and ensure she has up to date skills and techniques. She reflects on her work and attends coaching supervision to ensure she maintains rigor in her practice. As a member of the ICF, Mandy works to their Code of Ethics.

Mojo Coach - reach the height of your potentialClients

Mandy runs her own coaching practice with private clients as well as working as an associate for a range of other concerns. Most recently she has worked with the College of Policing on an international programme for police training and as an Associate Coach for Worth -it Positive Education CIC.

So Why Mojo?

Coaching is a way of using your past to create your future. It is forwards looking, goal orientated and solution focussed.

It is a very powerful catalyst for long term change.

Coaching allows YOU to find the answers for YOUR life, so what are you waiting for?

Call or email for a chat to see how coaching can help you.